timing belt milling teeth or false tooth timing belt

  • Tooth Removal PU Timing Belt

    Tooth Removal PU Timing Belt

    Barbieri® Tooth removal time belt: made of thermoplastic polyurethane, embedded with high-strength steel wire core, high quality, high wear resistance, and can run smoothly under high load. Milling machining belt can customer demand milling, T-milling, U-milling, half of the teeth, the tooth removal and the like, various longitudinal and transverse cutting tooth milling applications according meet.

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  • Belts With False Metal Tooth

    Belts With False Metal Tooth

    Barbieri® Belts with false metal tooth : It is a special design option that requires special treatment of the timing belt. The installation of mechanical stoppers, commonly known as false teeth, is used to fix the clamps so that the clamps can be positioned and run synchronously with the timing belts. Achieve the effect of precise positioning and conveying.

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