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BARBIERI company was built in Verona Italy in 1975. Depending on the advanced technology, perfect equipment, high quality service and conformed to the trend of the market, BARBIERI GROUP which was devoted to research and development and specialized in manufacturing industrial belt was established.

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FOSHAN BARBIERI INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. one of the member of the BARBIERI GROUP, which was built in 1997 and have full set of Europe equipments and successful experience. Combining with the the situation of China local market, it established good cooperative relations with all walks, and captured and enlarging the market by its advantages, established brand image and increase the income for the corporation.

BARBIERI(China) has a stable work team which has high professional level, rich experience, strong career-ambition and the work team is unity and cooperation, proficient and work hard. The leader always pay high attention to develop the talents, because the competition among enterprises are the competition of talents.Barbieri's higher-ups and staff are unite as one and pull together to creative better economic and social benefits since its establishment.At the mean time, in order to gets a development to strengthen, the company made high-end products, technology specialization, command cyberization and made it to be the best in China.

BARBIERI industrial belts are the indispensable accessory products for the modern manufacturer,its influence and applicability were already known by the people clearly. With the increasing of ageing of population and the necessary of industrial transformation, foreign-capital enterprise transfer and labor intensive enterprise transfer had became general trend, industrial belts processing industry will be strong development. BARBIERI industrial belts from all import to introduce and optimized Europe processing and procedure,technical force and production capacity has became more and more mature. Its products export trade quantity had covered all over the world.

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