Application Cases of Forvet Francesca glass machine belt & FORVET drilling and milling glass machine belt

Vacuum timing belt is a vacuum adsorption transmission timing belt, which is mainly used in the field of glass, stone and other building material processing machinery, especially the vacuum adsorption synchronous conveyor belt involved in the process of building material processing and transmission.

Barbieri® glass drilling machine vacuum timing belt forvet drilling and milling machine--Forvet Francesca glass machine belt, the synchronous belt is divided into two, listed on both sides, with green cloth on the tooth surface, special patterns of shallow grooves on the back and several through the middle Holes, with a special processing method to make the whole belt more flexible. During the operation of the machine FRANCESCA, the vacuum adsorption effect is generated in the middle of the belt, so that in each stage of the production process, the quality of glass transmission is effectively guaranteed, and the production efficiency is improved at the same time.

Fovet glass macchine belt

Barbieri®Vacuum timing belt bottom has multi-sided adsorption, which avoids the phenomenon of low adsorption force and turning up on both sides caused by air leakage in the grooves on both sides of the synchronous belt during the transmission of the glass, and prevents the possibility of glass injury or damage to other components Sex, the tooth surface with green cloth can effectively reduce the noise. The synchronous belt is made of thermoplastic polyurethane material, which has high wear resistance, and the embedded steel wire core can ensure that it has good movement ability and small production tolerance in motion.

Forvet drilling glass machine belt

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