Annular Timing Belt

  • Annular Jointed Endless PU Timing Belt

    Annular Jointed Endless PU Timing Belt

    Barbieri®Polyurethane Timing belts are manufactured in thermoplastic polyurethane,that gives superior wear and abrasion resistance, Steel cord offer good running characteristics , even with high loads. Polyamide Fabric backing on both tooth and back side allow a reduction of the friction coefficient and when applied on teeth, decrease noise in high speed drives.
    Advantages of jointed endless timing belt: It can be connected to various lengths and widths according to customer requirements within the processing limit.

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  • Annular Truly Endless Industrial Timing Belt

    Annular Truly Endless Industrial Timing Belt

    Barbieri®Truly endless toothed belt has no joints and the whole belt has the same strength, which is very suitable for various high-performance transmission applications.
    In order to meet different application requirements, special rope cores can be used according to requirements:
    1. Galvanized steel wire rope core: it has certain water resistance, good dimensional stability and good creep resistance.
    2. Stainless steel wire rope core: corrosion resistance, good dimensional stability, and good creep resistance.
    3. Kevlar rope core: improve flexibility and reduce the weight of the belt, no corrosion, high water resistance, non-magnetic, if the system uses a metal detector, it will not hinder the system's work.

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