PVC dark green supergrip timing belt: application cases of glass cutting machine, glass conveying line and glass storage table.

HTD8M+3.7P8DN(PVC dark green supergrip timing belt), selectable tooth type H, AT10, T10,Or tooth surface plus green cloth: T10-PAZ7+3.7P8DN

Supergrip synchronous belt, non-slip and wear-resistant, easy to bend, can be clothed on the tooth surface, and has the characteristics of high performance and friction reduction. Anti-hydrolysis, anti-ozone, anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging; anti-grease, anti-gasoline; anti-corrosion of most acids and alkalis.

PVC dark green supergrip timing belt for glass cutting machine

Glass cutting machine timing belt

Glass Cutting Machine Timing Belt

PVC dark green supergrip timing belt

Glass Conveyor Line Timing Belt

Supergrip synchronous belt

Conveyor Line, Horizontal Film Sorting And Storage Table Timing Belt

When glass is conveyed, a friction-resistant and anti-vibration timing belt is required: 3.7mm PVC dark green supergrip timing belt. Adding patterns on the surface of the timing belt can increase the friction force and also thicken the total thickness of the timing belt, so that the back of the timing belt can be Get more protection, as well as prevent corrosion or enhance load-carrying capacity.

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